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Bike for Help - A Humanitarian Expedition

BIKE FOR HELP is a documentary series based on the video diary shot by Christoph cycling 9300km raising funds for leprosy hospitals in India and Cambodia.

In 2002, 25 year old Christoph von Toggenburg initiated a unique adventure: Starting in New Delhi, he cycled alone to Switzerland in order to fundraise for leprosy-sufferers. In five months he covered 9300 kilometers, passed through countries, fought his way through deserts, sand-storms, and excruciating heat. 
He saw some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth as well as incredible misery, he faced mortal fears and moments of happiness.
For him it was one of the greatest adventures to be experienced today: to show that also one single person can help. This documentary tells not only a story about a humanitarian adventure but also provides an unusal insight into foreign countries, the tragic disease leprosy, exotic cultures, touching encounters as well as the thoughts and feelings of this young adventurer. (Text: Nathalie Richter)

Please click on individual links to view videos

Part1 London (4 min.) - Preparations and idea behind Bike for Help

Part 2 Leprosy in Cambodia (5 min.)

Part 3 Leprosy in India (5 min.)

Part 4 India to Iran (10 min.) - The 9300km bicycle odysee

Part 5 Iran to Turkey (10 min.) - The 9300km bicycle odysee

Part 6 Switzerland (3 min.) - Arrival back home